4 Things You Might Not Know About Curlisto Products


4 Things You Might Not Know About Curlisto Products

We all know that Curlisto is all about learning to love your natural curls. But even if you have been buying our products for years its possible that there are still a few things that you do not know about Curlisto. So for our loyal clients and some of our new clients here are a few things you may not know about our products.

Curlisto Products Are Not Tested On Animals

So for all of our vegan clients, no need to worry. Not a single one of our products has touched animal fur. We love animals too ūüôā

Our Products Work For All Curl Types

We have product lines for all curl types from Loose to Kinky. So no matter what type of curl you are working with, there is always plenty to love about your hair.

Easy To Use At Home

Have you ever watched one of those ridiculously in depth hair how to videos and wondered how anyone could possibly replicate that at home? Luckily, our products are quick and easy to use. So, even though we would love to see you, there is no need to venture out to the salon.

Right Now We Have Some Amazing Holiday Sales!

Right now our Curlisto Gift Boxes are going for only $19.99 and we have half off all Curlisto Kits! So start your holiday shopping now!

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