4 Signs That Curly Hair Is Back In Style


4 Signs That Curly Hair Is Back In Style

I have been saying for a while now that I believe that curly hair is making a comeback in the worlds of fashion and pop culture and I am 100% sure of it now. If you find yourself still unsure, here are 4 reasons why it’s time to start believing it!

Curls At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


This year the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was all about showing off your natural curls! And don’t Alanna Arrington’s curls look beautiful? If you have hair like Alanna’s, make sure to style with Curlisto Lotion Plus for that curly, yet not frizzy, beauty!

New York Fashion Week

Diane Von Furstenberg - Runway - Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week

When the models walked down the runway last spring at Diane Von Furstenberg it was impossible not to notice their carefully blown out curls. This fall was no exception with many models sporting equally healthy, silky spirals. To get Jourdan Dunn’s blown out look, make sure that you use Curlisto Repair Cream before exposing the hair to possibly damaging heat.

High Fashion


Curls have been showing up more and more often in high fashion editorial. These brushed out curls are to die for! Add extra volume using Curlisto Curl Reform.


The fashion and music industry often coincide and the use of curly haired musicians in these fashion ads has not gone unnoticed. To get Rihanna’s tousled waves, make sure to use Curlisto Control II Gel to keep those ringlets tamed.

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