What It Takes To Become an Incredible Editorial Hair Stylist


What It Takes To Become an Incredible Editorial Hair Stylist

Curlisto products have been taking on the fashion world by storm! Not only is Curlisto the number one go to product for curly hair, but Curlisto also helps to deliver top notch results for funky, fashionable hair styles and up-dos too.

With our latest fashion savvy features in Selecta magazine, Aventura magazine, Zodiac magazine, and a few more to hit news stands soon; we know how great it is to be working behind the chair at a salon, but to be styling hair for high fashion photo shoots is an excitement on a whole new level! Our artistic team at Curlisto is here to give you pointers on how to become an amazing editorial hair stylist.


Curlisto products featured in Zodiac Magazine to create gorgeous, effortlessly messy hair styles.

1.    Be patient. It takes a lot of effort, energy, and free jobs to enter editorial. Begin with contacting local photographers and offer your hair services at no cost. This way, you can build up your portfolio and word of mouth can go a long way.  It takes time to network until you find talented photographers, make up artists, models, and wardrobe stylists who will pay you to start creating high fashion hair art. We promise that if you stick through, it will be extremely satisfying to both your soul and success.


Sleek and chic hair styles featured in Aventura magazine with the help of Curlisto products!

2.    Be open minded and stay positive. Everyone on set is a part of your team and is here to work and create magic through the creative directors vision. If they happen to not like the style you performed on the model, then it needs to be changed! Be confident and assure yourself the next style you deliver will be a hit. The team is here to give ideas of how they want the models to look so you have to work quickly, be easy going, open minded, and not take it personal if the hair styles need to be changed.


3.    Be prepared. Being on set or on location can mean you may be somewhere that is nowhere near a salon environment, and this is why you need to be ready for anything. Have your hair kit stocked with bobby pins, rubber bands, duck clips, styling irons, all types of hair products, a supply of hair extensions, a hand mirror, and an extension cord. Our MUST have on location products are Curlisto’s Blow Me Clean Dry Shampoo, Finishing Hairspray, Unruly Paste +, and Glow & Shine! Don’t forget- the day will be long so pack a quick, easy to eat lunch with you. It’s always better to be safe and stocked than unprepared and worried!


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