3 Essential Tips to Prepare your Curls for Summer!


3 Essential Tips to Prepare your Curls for Summer!

Laying out, relaxing, and swimming – all the things we love about summer also makes it the toughest season for managing curly hair. Now that the temperatures are getting hotter and hotter, it’s time we learn how to take back control of managing our curls from the humidity and heat. Here are  your 3 must know tips for your curls this summer:koureo_select-14s

1.     Ready, Set, Wet! Sticky and scorching summer days may send you to the shower more than once a day but washing your hair every day can take away the essential nutrients that help keep it manageable. Too much shampooing will also lead to severe dryness and frizziness, which are 2 things you definitely want to avoid this hot summer! To keep away from sweat, you can just rinse your hair with water everyday and add in our best Curlisto Co-Wash, Botanical Rinse. which works as a light detangler and instantly restores moisture and tames unmanageable hair. It works as a co-wash to help cleanse the hair, while conditioning with botanical extracts that tend to be gentler on textured hair. Perfect for daily summer use and for all hair types!

2.     Protect & Tie! Before diving into the water, be sure your hair is prepared first! A spray on leave in conditioner is a must have product in your beach bag this summer. A few spritz of Curlisto’s Protein Boost will go a long way as it works as a barrier from chlorine and salt water. It protects the hair from UV rays and should be used every time you step out in the sun. We also recommend wearing a protective hairstyle when you know you’ll be out in the sun and water all day long. When your hair is in a protective hairstyle such as a French braid or topknot, it is tightly packed together making it harder for chlorine and salt water to get in and less strands will be exposed to the sun rays.

3.     Deep Sea Baby! A deep conditioning hair treatment is your secret weapon to lock in healthy and moisturized curls all summer long. If you enjoy the sun, laying out, and will be in frequent contact with chlorinated or sea water, you will be exposing yourself to the sun’s damaging effects as well as hard water minerals. Be sure to apply your go to Curlisto deep conditioning treatment for 8 minutes: Natural Masque. Natural masque is packed with certified organic and anti aging ingredients which work hard to keep your hair hydrated. It will help strengthen the protein bonds in your hair to avoid breakage and split ends from the summers heat.

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