Curlisto’s Secret to Friday Frizz Control!

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Curlisto’s Secret to Friday Frizz Control!

HIP HIP HOORAY! Cheers to the weekend! I always get happy that Friday is finally here and it’s time to relax, rejuvenate, and hang out with friends! For all of you who live in NYC and plan on being out and about this weekend, the struggle is real. It is hot and humid with one day full of rain and the next day pure sunshine; and often that means your hair goes for a toss.

Not only will it take place this weekend, but your hair will be robbed all summer by humidity, hot styling tools, swimming in chlorinated pools/salt water, and more, so even though there’s moisture in the air, there isn’t much in your hair. And the result? Extremely pesky frizz 🙁


This is why styling your hair with the correct products this season is so important. To beat the frizz this weekend, I tend to begin my styling when the hair is wet so I can mold it to how it will stay all day long. I begin my styling process with a nickel size of Repair Cream right on to my fingertips and run it through the ends of my hair. A little bit of this will go a long way and will keep your strands moisturized all day and night!

Then, I move onto my favorite magical styler: Lotion PLUS. I’m convinced that Lotion PLUS was made from the frizz free Gods! It is a must have styling lotion because of it’s defined, soft, frizz free curl results without the need of cocktailing products! Moving along, I part my hair into 5 sections and apply a quarter size of Lotion PLUS from roots to ends using my fingers as a comb. I do a quick “swifting” motion to each section to make sure the product is distributed equally and the curls absorb all the goodness of Lotion PLUS. Lotion PLUS is the ultimate frizz fighter and keeps my curls defined, smooth, and healthy.

The final step is to finish up my style with Unruly Paste +. A dab of this twirled through my curls tames my fly aways and leaves a nice, shiny finish on my curls. I tend to let my hair air dry in the summer but if I do choose to diffuse; I keep it on the cool setting during summer.

With all this said, I wish you a happy weekend filled with great hair days!



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