Curly Hair Styles to Rock this 4th of July Weekend!

NEW YORK CITY - JUL 4: New York City Manhattan Independence Day firework show in Hudson River as annual traditional event to celebrate the birth of United States, July 4, 2010 in Manhattan, New York City.

Curly Hair Styles to Rock this 4th of July Weekend!

Celebrating 4th of July is all about fireworks, barbecues, beaches, and friends. So we know deciding on a 4th of July outfit is hard enough, but when it comes to 4th of July hairstyles, PHEW! That’s a whole other story! Your hairstyle could make or break your entire 4th of July look, so our team at Curlisto is here to make sure your style is looking on point and matching up with your festive outfit!

For the Wavies… what you’ll need: Curlisto’s Protein Boost, Bio-Gel Mousse & a Festive Hair Band

Here’s a simple 5 minute look that will top off your 4th of July fit:

1.     It’s going to be hot and humid so be sure to spray in Protein Boost to keep your strands moisturized and to keep away from the frizz.

2.     Add 3 pumps of Bio Gel Mousse to keep your waves in tact all day and night long.

3.     To top off your holiday hair, throw on a stretchy headband over the hair and ears to create a super cute festive look!315007893aeedf398b85751f4711e3e7

For the Curlies… what you’ll need: Curlisto’s Repair Cream, Lotion PLUS, 1 hair tie, and a ribbon

 We got you covered too, Curly girls!

1.   Again, you’re going to want to beat the frizz this holiday weekend so prepare your locks with a quarter size of Repair Cream for all day moisturized and soft curls.

2.  Split the hair into 5 sections and apply a nickel size of Lotion PLUS throughout each section.

3.  Grab all your loose hair and gently pull it into a soft, low ponytail near the nape of the neck and secure with a hair tie.

4.  Finish your look off by wrapping a ribbon along the top of your head while finishing it up with a bow by covering up your hair tie to create a classic festive pony tail look!


4th of July coupons on Curlisto products are live now! Wishing you all an enjoyable long and happy holiday weekend!:-)

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