1 of 3 Curlisto Treatments You Need This Weekend – [Coupon Included!]


1 of 3 Curlisto Treatments You Need This Weekend – [Coupon Included!]

Let’s face it – our hair goes through A LOT between each visit to the salon. From straightening to curling, to the exposure of the harsh sun and polluted particles in the air, your hair starts to feel dry, brittle, and damaged with some urgent need of some TLC. This is why we recommend that an in house treatment is part of each and every salon visit, to ensure that your hair is up to its absolute best standard as you walk out of the salon, ready to face the world again.

Although, all of our in house treatments work magic; our latest treatment has been booming – Curlisto’s Damage Control Treatment! It is a must try; especially during the extremely hot and humid weather we are currently experiencing in NYC. Damage Control Treatment is a 7 step NON-chemical, protein treatment that is suitable for all hair types… which means all of the keratins your hair has been lacking will be restored back into your hair shaft within 40 minutes! This treatment is designed to soften, condition, and hydrate your hair while keeping it looking smooth, shiny, and healthy between your salon visits. Damage Control Treatment will keep your blow out lasting longer, keeping your naturally curly styles in tact and in place, and generally keeping your hair in great condition between your salon visits.


THIS WEEKEND ONLY 7/7 – 7/8: Mention code “678” to receive $50 off your preferred in house treatment at Christo Fifth Avenue!

Key Ingredients & Benefits of Damage Control Treatment:

*Hydrolyzed Wheat & Rice Protein: Helps to strengthen and repair damage, & Benefits: while rebuilding the keratin inside the cortex.

*Amino Acids: Revitalizes and conditions the hair for smooth and shiny results.

*Keratins: Repairs hair to improve elasticity and strength.

*Collagens: Moisturizes to make hair softer.

*Silk Peptide: Seal in treatment nutrients while adding shine and a protective layer.

*CMC: Revitalizes waterways to moisturize inside the hair.


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