The Key to Transitioning your Curls from Summer to Fall!


The Key to Transitioning your Curls from Summer to Fall!

As much as some of us don’t want to face it, today is officially the last day of summer. Tomorrow, we welcome the fall season, which means we’re quickly going to be transitioning from hot, humid weather to cooler, drier weather and that means your curls may go through some change due to the drop in temperate. Do not panic! Curlisto has you covered on how to make sure your curls stay healthy and thriving throughout the new season!

1. Detox with a clarifying wash!

One of the best tips for transitioning curls to fall weather is to start with a clean slate. Summer can be pretty harsh on curls with all of the sun, sand, salt, and chlorine. Curlisto’s Aqualizer is your go to shampoo to start off the fall season. Aqualizer is a clarifying shampoo that will deeply cleanse remove all of the stubborn build up and dirt which ultimately results in a pure, tidy scalp.


2. Masque it up to restore moisture!

The summer’s humidity probably drained your curls of their moisture by the time fall comes around. In order to transition curls to the fall weather, a deep hydrating masque is a must. At the beginning of fall, doing Curlisto’s Natural Masque one time a week will ensure you are on the right track to maintain healthy, soft curls. After shampooing, apply Natural Masque for 8 minutes and then rinse out, and seal with your favorite Curlisto conditioner!

88401resize3. Play with color!

The fall is a great time to experiment with a new hair color. Since your hair will get a break from the potential damages of summer, it can be a good time to introduce balayage or even go for a full-on color change.

5. Keep up with your Diametrix cuts!

Trimming your hair should happen on a routine schedule. If you haven’t had the time to get rid of those split ends this summer, now is the time to do so. Diametrix cuts are essential to keep up every 10-12 weeks to keep curls well shaped, defined and in tact!


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