How To Manage Your Little One’s Curls!


How To Manage Your Little One’s Curls!

If you’re like me and inherited a head full of curls from Mom, there’s a good chance the two of you approached your curls in very different ways as you grew up. From a child to a teenager, my mom painfully brushed out my curls often and once I stepped in to high school and college, straightening my hair took up majority of my time during the week. Thankfully, attitudes about natural curly hair have changed over generations, and today, there are far more advanced curl products, tutorials, and inspiration that exist for natural curls than ever before.

And ever since I stepped foot into Christo Fifth Avenue about 10 years ago, I knew there was faith in embracing my natural curl texture. So I made it a priority that my daughter grows up loving her hair and feels her absolute best about her curls, just opposite of what I went through my childhood years.


If you’re a mom with a little one filled with curly locks, then it’s essential to know how to manage your kid’s curls as they grow up. Here are some helpful Curlisto curly Q kid tips:

Kid’s Curly Hair Tip 1:

It’s important for curly kids to maintain lots of moisture in their hair. Which is why I only shampoo my daughters hair once a week with Curlisto’s Kids Tearless Shampoo which results in bouncy, fun curls. Conditioning can be done more often during the week as I know all of the knots that magically appear after a day of playing. Try Curlisto’s Kids Detangle Rinse which has worked miracles for my daughters hair as it is lightweight, and doesn’t weigh down her curls.

Kid’s Curly Hair Tip 2:

Do you have a brush at home? Get rid of it. Seriously, curly hair and brushes do not mix. Don’t believe me? Don’t make me show you my third grade school picture. A brush will only separate the curls and create major frizz. You can simply use Curlisto’s hand made finger comb to thoroughly detangle your kids’ curls section by section. The best time to detangle is when their hair is wet – which will help your finger comb to move through the hair much easier and pain free.


Kid’s Curly Hair Tip 3:

From swimming lessons, to wearing wool hats in the winter, to a general play and tumble lifestyle, so many things can zap the moisture right out of your little one’s hair. Keeping your kids curls moisturized is key, which is why you should be using Curlisto’s Kids Leave In Conditioner everyday. This will keep your little one’s curls soft, smooth and free of knots and tangles.

Kid’s Curly Hair Tip 4:

Lastly, I am super mindful of the words I use when talking about curly hair to my daughter. I make sure she knows how much mama loves curly hair and what a beautiful head of curls she’s inherited! I never call her curls bad or hard to manage, or approach daily hair care with a negative attitude. Yes, maintaining curly hair takes work, but the result of healthy, bouncy, curly hair far exceeds the effort! And the smile she flaunts after a sweet compliment is to die for! 🙂


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